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Top CBSE Boarding Schools in Shimla: A Comprehensive Guide

Published on: 2024-01-12 16:13:26

In this comprehensive guide, we explored some of the top CBSE boarding schools in Shimla, each offering a unique educational experience. Laureate Public School, known for its commitment to character building and leadership skills, stood out alongside Himalayan International School, where tradition meets innovation. Mount Excellence Boarding School was highlighted for its dedication to elevating education, while Greenwood Valley School emphasized fostering creativity and innovation. Silver Oaks International School emerged as a beacon of academic excellence.

These institutions, nestled amidst the Himalayan landscape, provide a conducive environment for holistic development. The guide emphasized the importance of factors such as infrastructure, faculty, extracurricular activities, and the overall ethos of the school in the decision-making process. As parents navigate the educational landscape, the diverse strengths of these top CBSE boarding schools in Shimla offer a range of options for shaping a child's academic and personal growth.

Schools Re-opening Post Pandemic

Published on: 2020-10-07 02:13:39

What Precaution must be taken while reopening of schools ?

5 Reasons to Consider A Boarding School

Published on: 2020-09-22 06:32:23

School plays a very important part in everyone’s life. It not only gives us education but also joyful experiences. So it becomes very important for every parent to find good school for their child. Some prefer days schools and some opt for boarding schools according to their choices and financial conditions. Here we discuss about why we should consider boarding school over days schools. If we talk about India today many parents want to send their children to boarding school.

New Education Policy 2020

Published on: 2020-09-03 01:50:24

The New Education Policy has come up as a revolution in the education sector as it aims at creating an equitable and vibrant knowledge for the society by providing high-quality education to all.